Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shelter Loki – Work in Progress

Just a quick share of my most recent work in progress...

Shelter Loki Yoke

Late last fall I had the pleasure of visiting NYC with my darling sister on a totally indulgent, kid-free, long weekend.  One of our stops was to Purl Soho, where I scored a few skeins of Jared Flood's Shelter. I had great aspirations for designing a color work sweater for the small fry.  And again I found that my knitting "eyes were bigger than my stomach" and the yarn has been patiently waiting a plan for nearly a year.  So in an effort to be more realistic and not let this yarn sit in the stash for yet another winter, I have cast on a Loki for my girl.

It wouldn't be fair if all the new hand knits were for the much anticipated babe.

So, here it goes, and it's lovely so far.  The colors I am using are: Camper (pink), Long Johns (red), Nest (light brown) and Pumpernickel (dark brown).  Isn't it lovely?  I'm convinced that there must not be any bad color combinations in Jared's color palette.  The tweedy nature of this yarn is the best, and without having blocked it, I anticipate it being fairly light weight and really warm at the same time!

Stay tuned.