Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I'm sweating

It's July, and we are having the appropriate weather here in the Midwest.  We've been to the pool, we're watering the garden and quietly thinking grateful things about air conditioning.

Navajo plied Targhee wool from
Nest fiber studio
We've had a great summer so far. We're miniature vegetable gardeners – growing cucumbers, peppers and herbs for ourselves, and tomatoes for those voracious city squirrels.  Our little garden is also producing parsley, basil and sage and thinking about maybe generating an eggplant or two.

Our creative juices are flowing as well.  The small fry has been dabbling with watercolors this summer, and rarely a day goes by where she hasn't drawn something with that box full of colored pencils.  She's also trying her hand at knitting.  She's asked me to show her, and she'll get the hang of it for a few stitches and then the tension gets weird and she'll let it sit for a couple days and then come back.
Art and home grown produce

The peanut is a talking machine this summer.  She's picking up everyone's phrases... and chatters to herself while busy with the events of her imagination.  She's building a new level of trust with Georgie the cat and loves to go to the library.

Handspun "Garden Party"

I've been working on some knitting and sewing.  Slowly, things are getting made.  I finished that gigantic shawl, and then set to work on a cardigan for the coming school year. I spun a bit too and I've got some socks in (slow) progress too.

On the sewing front, I've deconstructed my favorite old silk tank top and am attempting to reconstruct it from some Liberty Tana Lawn.  It's coming together well, I think.  At least it appears as if it's going to fit, and I'm happy with how it's working so far. Just some finished arm holes and a hem and I'll be in business.

Slow Fashion

In the meantime, I hope you stay cool and entertained doing something creative.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Drab green for miles...

I've finally finished up a project that I purchased in the spring of 2015.  I saw a beautifully knit sample when I was in Syracuse NY, and decided that it would make a great addition to my winter wardrobe.  The yarn – WoolFolk Tynd – is wonderfully soft.  And the finished object is interesting and something I think I can easily dress up or down.
Finished knits and skinned knees

Miles and miles of drab green stockinette later I was ready to crochet 372 miles of vertical lines down this shawl.  Okay.  Maybe not 372 miles, but it felt like it.  I'm not good with the crochet hook... I can't look away, and it feels a little unnatural to me.  But I mustered through and I do love the finished piece.
So soft and lovely

Now that this is done I plan to focus on some spinning... I've got some beautiful Targhee from Nest fiber that I'm half through.
Nest Fibers – May 2016
"Garden Party" Targhee wool
Singles waiting for plying
And betwixt and between, I'll be working with Crave Yarn One and a new lightweight cardigan for the small fry.

Have a lovely start to your July.