Monday, June 20, 2016

This is your "fault" Donna...

Tonight I finished spinning a polwarth silk blend, and I got some decent yardage out of it.  My new friend Donna suggested I knit something from Martina Behm, and I think she's right... so now you all must vote.  I know there are at least three of you who read this blog...

I've narrowed it down to these three patterns... Lintilla, Magrathea or  Trillian.

A little "barber pole"
I didn't pick anything too lacy because the yarn has a pretty wide color spectrum, and all that detail tends to get lost in an intricate lace pattern.  Here is what I will be working with.

Nest Fiber - April 2016 "Constellation" Polwarth/Silk

And thanks Donna for the idea.  XO

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Swept right into summer

The heart at Squam
Here we are in mid-June.  So much has been going on behind the scenes.  We've attended carnivals and an air show.  I've worked on my spinning skills.  We took our first ever family camping trip to a beautiful CCC camp in southern Illinois.  We've gone hiking.  And been gardening and cooking new things.  It's good, this time of year.

First ever airshow
New recipe - so good, try for yourself
My mom's - big as a saucer - clematis
Our garden at home... coming along
Hand knit, handspun birthday hat (ravelry link)
Chickadee cardigan in progress
Newest fiber project - Polwarth Silk blend
Singles in work
First handspun, hand knit sweater.

Giant City State Park trail
Giant City State Park trip
Textures in green
And I went back to Squam Art Workshops for the third time.  It was so incredibly wonderful.  I returned there with one of the amazing women that I met four years ago at the first one I attended.  And we stayed in a cabin with eight other women who were just delightful.  I can't write about it without sounding like I'm gushing, and I've already used my best adjectives in the beginning parts of this paragraph... so I'll just say it was just what I needed.

A gift from my roomie, Jen.
Favorite Squam purchase... Crave yarn.  It's incredible and
so is the proprietor.  Seriously, go see her!
I think it might be the contrast that those five days offer me.  It is a luxury at this point in my life to have five days to be responsible only for myself – without the pressures of being a parent, spouse, employee or manager.  My favorite indulgences were all indulged in... I knit, drank wine, ate food that others prepared, talked and laughed, swam in the wee hours in a brisk and amazing lake, learned a bit about a few new things (book binding and tapestry weaving) and there was yoga and ice cream and luna moths and loons.
Warp and Rya knots at Squam
Re-entry to home life was super smooth.  I was so happy to get back to my nest and my family.  Re-entry to work was a bit difficult... I spent the first day trying to recall what I was doing five days earlier and simultaneously trying to convince myself that it was worth remembering.  That lake and those people... they are a powerful force.

Evidence of our last 6am swim.
Thanks, Donna!

Only 50 more weeks before I can return