Monday, June 20, 2016

This is your "fault" Donna...

Tonight I finished spinning a polwarth silk blend, and I got some decent yardage out of it.  My new friend Donna suggested I knit something from Martina Behm, and I think she's right... so now you all must vote.  I know there are at least three of you who read this blog...

I've narrowed it down to these three patterns... Lintilla, Magrathea or  Trillian.

A little "barber pole"
I didn't pick anything too lacy because the yarn has a pretty wide color spectrum, and all that detail tends to get lost in an intricate lace pattern.  Here is what I will be working with.

Nest Fiber - April 2016 "Constellation" Polwarth/Silk

And thanks Donna for the idea.  XO


  1. Love the choices (but I haven't met a MB I don't like). My first choice is trillian because I love making that and it shows off color beautifully. I am torn between the other two. I think I like mag better for this because of how it is worn, but think you can't lose with any of them. It depends on what kind of knitting you like to do. I like autopilot knitting (and I also worry about playing yarn chicken with a lacey border pattern). That yarn is beautiful, and I think MB's patterns work well with handspun. Xo

  2. I vote Lintilla! It reminds be of my "go-to" shawlette. Easy knitting;easy wearing--with a ruffle! Beautiful yarn, Faye!