Sunday, August 12, 2012

Swatching with Quince & Co.

I spent a night house sitting for my parents a few weekends ago and entertained the idea of lugging all my Pages and Paint workshop materials up and then thought better of it.  I decided instead to start a swatch for a child's knit sweater.

I had a hank of Quince and Co. Chickadee on hand and started working up my swatch and re-remembered how much I absolutely love this yarn.  This color way is called "Honey" and it reminds me of the color of the duck cloth jackets that are the perennial favorite of farmers and ranchers and the like.  The yarn itself is very consistent; good twist, good color consistency, great wear.  And it is really affordable.

Quince and Co. Chicadee in "Honey" swatch

Also if you are inspired by the opportunities to shop "locally" or help the businesses that are attempting to re-invigorate in the American fiber/textile industry, you need to go and read about Quince & Co.  They operate a mill in New England and are careful about their fiber sources and generate a fantastic product at a very reasonable price.  I've had nothing but positive experiences.

This little garment has yet to pass the gamut that is the transition from concept to viable thing.  But in my mind it will become a little half cabled bodice with a peplum of ribbing either a cardigan or pull over... haven't worked out those details yet.  Wish me luck.


  1. Oh that will be beautiful! Thanks for the info about Quince in my neck of the woods! They seem awesome.

  2. you are the second person in the last couple of weeks I have heard mention the Quince and Co yarn. I am def gonna have to get some. I love that color way!

  3. Who needs luck when you have good looks and talent ;-)
    I am looking forward to the pattern; love what you have so far. I'm also using Quince and Co yarn right now (bulky weight for the meat head hat) and must agree with all your sentiments, love their yarn.