Thursday, January 23, 2014

Satisfaction, stockinette and self-striping yarn

I have recently forgotten how satisfying self-striping yarn is in plain old stockinette socks.  I find myself stealing minutes here and there at home to see if I can just make it to the next stripe.  It's the proverbial Lay's potato chip adage… you can't eat just one. And I've carefully measured this skein in perfectly matched halves and started these socks in toe-up style to make sure I don't waste one yard of this yarn.  It is just that good.

Stockinette love and thrifted aluminum needles

What is this color palette you ask?  It's called Dia de los Muertos from Desert Vista Dyeworks, and it was gifted to me by the most lovely Knoxville-ian.  She's the best, that girl… did I mention that I met her at Squam – where all good things come from.

Adding color to the bleak midwinter

I heart this partial sock. And my friend.
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