Saturday, June 28, 2014

Purple Owlet

Late winter this year I planned sweaters for my girls.  The small fry asked for a purple owl sweater, after she and I surfed around Ravelry.  And so, I happily obliged… glad for an excuse to navigate over to Quince and company for some fresh wool.

Sweater from mom; table and chairs from her great
grandfather; stenciling done by her "nanoo"
 This was a really fast and fun sweater to knit.  I chose the smallest size kid version for our girl.  I think the pattern calls it 3/4.  It fits her like a dream right now.  Hopefully we can still squeeze her into it in the fall after the weather cools and the humidity gives up it's annual midwestern campaign.  I'm really, really tempted to make another one of these for the little nugget, but for her I have planned the cabled yoke cardigan in red.  (Her sister nearly wore out the orange one that I made).  I'm also feeling a little bit of motherly guilt about the hand-me-downs of all variety.  It's good to have a few things that are yours and yours alone…
One dozen owls on the yoke

I knit this out of Quince and Company's Lark wool.  The color way is called Lupin.  It really is this gorgeous purple color, the current favorite of the small fry. It washed and blocked beautifully and will be stowed away for a cooler day.  More details on Ravelry here.


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