Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Little Late: Stockinette Winter and Spring of 2015

The late winter and early spring of 2015 were really, really hectic.  Our lives include these two darling and busy girls, both of whom really want the attention and help of their parents – us. We also were still settling into our "new" house, undergoing a fairly large remodeling project and working full time. Thankfully the construction is behind us.  But that busy time really impacted what I had the energy to undertake creativity-wise.

Strangely making things for me is somehow therapeutic. So in the midst of this fun and hectic time I'd knit a little here and there. These two projects were ongoing, and straightforward enough to be manageable. I didn't have the mental bandwidth for much detail so it was plain stockinette that appealed. 
Simple socks

The first is a pair of simple toe up socks in a yarn that was gifted to me by my dear friend Jen. Pretty aren't they?  The color reminds me of tarnished brass. I used a provisional cast on and short row toe. And also a short row heel.

New socks, old floor.

My plan was to do toe up and use half of the yarn exactly as to not waste any. As it happened I lost the ball band and didn't weigh the yarn prior so although it was a great plan I didn't follow it. So I have some yarn leftover. (It dawns on me now that I could have weighed the ball and the sock in progress. Duh. I must have been high on drywall dust because that never occurred to me.). Oh well, on to the second stockinette project.

…for miles

While standing in line at the checkout at my local yarn shop I spotted this pretty lace weight yarn. (I liken this purchase to buying the candy bar in the grocery checkout.) The yarn was Berocco Boboli Lace in the Gazebo color way.  I don't generally knit much lace, and I felt that there was enough lovely color variation in the yarn, that a fussy stitch pattern would only fight with the color.  So a stockinette cowl was what I launched off to knit.

The only model on hand who
would stand still 

Simple textures

It was really, really simple. I knit about 12 rows of garter stitch, and then miles and miles of stockinette and then a dozen or so more garter rows until the cast off.

The net result is a really, really simple cowl.  It's fairly lightweight and will likely be a good fall/spring accessory.  And soon, I'll share some of the more interesting stuff that I've been working on since…

Folded and awaiting colder temps

Socks and Eric Carle

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