Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Change in the Air

Fall is here.  Halloween decorations are coming out.  Costumes are being discussed.  School is in full swing.  The fast pace of my work in the summer months has slowed.  I feel like cooking again.

Simple and lovely self striping socks

This weekend, leaves started falling in earnest from the Ash tree.  Sweet gum balls are starting to litter the lawns in the neighborhood.  We made an early morning trip to Soulard Market for produce and came home and put together a delicious pot of butternut squash bisque.  (Recipe compliments of my friend Jen.)
Nest "Amanar" spun in a gradient

Three ply (Chain Ply)

Wool Silk blend

I've been spinning more, and knitting some new things, and another batch of wool arrived from Nest. I always feel like saying this is my favorite season... it might be.  But I say that every time the weather changes... it's probably better to say that I just like living where the seasons are marked by real changes in the weather.

Fall sweater plans for the Peanut.

The garden is nearly done... one lone eggplant remains because it bears a little eggplant that might grow a bit yet.  Raking leaves will soon be upon us, and my parents shared a car load of gourds and squash for our fall decor.

Cannot wait to greet their "Pop"

We drove home in the middle of the week to make sure the girls got to participate in harvest for at least a few hours.  I will forever love the smell of fall air filled with corn dust, and dry earth smells with a subtle undertone of diesel fuel.

To be spun next - 100% Finn wool - isn't it pretty?

I hope that your fall is off to a good start.

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