Friday, July 13, 2012

The normal pace...

Things here in our corner of the world are moving along at the normal pace.  And it feels really good; this routine of ours.  I've got a good rhythm going at my job, my better half has hit a nice stride with his career, our babysitter, who began working with us at the beginning of summer has been nothing short of wonderful, and the small fry is a healthy, happy and funny toddler.  

I'm enjoying a few little luxuries this summer. The most recent is enrollment in a summer workshop – hosted by the lovely Squam team – called Pages and Paint, taught by Sarah Ahearn Bellemare.  It's all online (I've linked to the site here).  Sarah publishes to a  website every week day for five weeks and we (the students) all shoot off on our own parallel exercises.  It seems that we've got a class of over 100 people, and the experience levels, backgrounds and home locations are widely varied.  It should be really fun to see what people create.  I'll make a point to share my work here.

This is week one of the five week course, so I haven't actually made anything yet. We're starting with a sketchbook, some acrylic paint, and a collection of collage supplies.  I'm not much of a painter... so even if I only succeed in creating some sort of canvas bound mud pie (which is what I'm sort of anticipating), I'm going to try to relax and enjoy the project and the collective efforts of my classmates. This is my first foray into online classes, creative or otherwise... has anyone else ever tried something similar?

In the interim, I've been working up a few other little things.  I took a three day work trip to Arizona this week and managed to make some progress on a knitted sock.  Airport and hotel down-time is good for that.  It's nothing fancy, just ribbed cuff, flap heel and my favorite toe.  The yarn is my first opportunity to knit with Socks that Rock, and they do indeed.  The yarn is beautiful, colors aren't doing any super weird or distracting pooling, and the twist is tight and springy.  

Socks that Rock - Lissa Colorway

The weather has been pretty unforgiving here lately, so I haven't spent too much time making glass.  I did manage to assemble a few hand-made buttons; they were just waiting for backs to be added and that can be performed in the air-conditioned house.  Now they are all photographed and ready to go.  The best part of the use of ivory and turquoise glass together is this black outline or halo that is created when the two are combined. It makes it look like I have ultra fine motor skills to outline each detail, but it's all the glass doing the work.

Buttons – details here
Hope you're enjoying you're routine too.

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  1. Please share your work here! I am excited to see what comes out of the class.