Sunday, September 9, 2012

Forest Park Prototype

This little prototype has come to life.  And I believe that it might actually make it into pattern form - I'm thinking of calling it Forest Park.  I'm never quite sure how something in my mind and on graph paper will translate to actual garment, but I this is leaning toward the more successful end of the spectrum. And it will be perfect for ambling around the best green space in St. Louis - Forest Park.

A little "Forest Park"
My favorite thing about this little garment is that it is knit all in one piece.  This is certainly not an original idea, but one I wanted to incorporate into the design.  Some of my all time favorite baby garments feature this type of construction and I knew I wanted to take a stab at designing this way. (See some Elizabeth Zimmermann and Debbie Bliss examples of this type of construction.)  I'm also really fond of the staggering of the cables and think that the increased stitch count underneath the last cable row of each column of cables creates a really nice peplum effect.

Cable and Peplum Closeup
Now that I think I have a good prototype, I must begin the math, charting and pattern grading. Then a little photo shoot will be in order... cross your fingers for the perfect intersection of the right light, weather and willing participation of my model, the small fry.  (They all seem equally unpredictable lately... ha)


  1. Gorgeous! Remember that I owe you some free test knitting!

    1. Hi Sally. I'm 100% certain that I am in your debt, but I did have you in mind for some test knitting... just as soon as I get the pattern drafted and some more yarn from Quince and Co. I'll let you know... XO

  2. Wow, Frye, that is soooo beautiful! Can't wait to see it on the small frye!

  3. Oh wow, I love it so much! I'll be first in line to buy the pattern ;-)