Friday, September 21, 2012

Half-hatched idea

I've been toying around with some two color stranded knitting and finally devoted some time to knitting a sample of this pattern that I've sketched.  This is my swatch. The chart and pattern are admittedly not for the faint of heart. It is a 46 row, 60 stitch repeat.  This swatch is a 2 x 2 repeat of that chart.

Art Deco Stranding
My inspiration was an art deco piece of architectural ornament... I can't find the original photo... I think it was wallpaper or a plaster relief.  Either way I loved it, and although I had to do some heavy editing to keep the stranded color work from "floating" for too many stitches across the back, I think I've managed to maintain it's fidelity.

I'm thinking it might grow up to be a cowl... what are your thoughts?

Note about the yarn: this was knit with some remnant KnitPicks Palette yarn in Sky and Bark on US3 needles in the round.  (Thanks Ravelry for keeping track of my knitting, without you I would never have remembered that.) I later cut the steek and blocked it.


  1. My mind is totally blown. I have no idea how to do color work ( signed up for a class in Chicago!! woot woot!) and the fact that you designed this is totally AMAZING and kick a$$.

  2. Ah- it's so beautiful! I, also, can't do color work. But I love art deco and the pattern is breathtaking.