Saturday, December 22, 2012

Retrospective - Christmas Stockings

These were the first socks that I ever knit.

First three socks ever.
I modeled them after some beautiful fine gauge Christmas stockings that were in the Garnet Hill catalog years ago.  I think I knit them the first year that we were in our house.  They are knit out of cotton yarn, which is funny now, because I definitely wouldn't choose that fiber type today.  But I like the reminder of my novice-knitter self and remember my focus at the time on color choice, not fiber type.  It's been a slow evolution to the fiber snob that I am today.  You can find them on ravelry here... although not in much detail, they also predate my ravelry-ing, so the finer points (and ball bands) had escaped me by the time I added them to my projects.

...hung by the chimney with care.

Soon they'll be filled with goodies.  I hope your stockings will be laden too.

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