Monday, December 3, 2012

Finished – Cuff au Lait

Love these mitts.
These fingerless mitts turned out really well.  And the cuff on these is what makes them special. I'm also really enamored of this neutral smoky grey yarn.  It's not as blue as it appears in these photos.

The pattern was easy to follow, the only part that was a little vague was the placement of the second thumb.  I think you could follow the pattern literally, twice without error; but I think your thumb might end up being a little off kilter from the cuff join on one hand.  I wanted them to be a bit more symmetrical and so I fudged the placement of the second thumb so that the second mitt would be the mirror image of the first.

Hard to take a photo of both mitts when it's a self portrait.

The chart was very clear and easy to follow and if you aren't a great lover of charts, there were written instructions also included.  The only other modification that I made was to switch to the smaller needles shortly after I joined the mitt in the round.  I wanted the glove part to fit more snugly. I didn't add any additional stitches, just followed the pattern as written (small) and it turned out to be a really nice fit.

Matchy-matchy fingernails.

I thought initially about giving these away as a Christmas gift, but I like them so much and have worn them often enough now that they are mine to keep. If I plan on gifting these for the holidays, I'll just have to knit some more. (And now I must paint the nails on my other hand... ha.)

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  1. They are truly lovely. I have this problem as well (making something, intending it to be a gift, then linking it so much I keep it). Ah... knitter's dilemma. I wouldn't give these away either!