Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thorn – or a study in why I might not be suited to knit a sweater on size 2 needles

This might just be the first post of several about what is likely a retirement knitting project.

Progress photo from January of 2012, off and running...

I will preface this post by saying that I really, really love small gauge knits, and the fine fabrics that are the result.  I like the way they fit, especially when the garment has some shaping and I love the fact that they are harder to identify as "home made" to the naked eye.

I am smitten by Kim Hargreaves patterns and have been for the last several years and I have actually cast on two other sweaters which I have also yet to finish.  For the record, not finishing these is about me, not her. (Both are small gauge knits, and the resultant garment is bound to be fantastic, if only I could re-commit.) I think I cast on for this in December/January this last year.  In my minds eye, I would have this all beautifully finished and assembled to be worn this fall (like now...) with grey/black skirt, shirt, tights and boots combo.  I thought this Granny Smith green would work really well with slate grey and black. (Things are always so much neater and timelier in my mind.)

Enter reality.  I'm beginning to think that I don't really possess the attention span to knit myself a fine gauge sweater.  Which is so sad.  But here is some proof.  In 11 months, I've only completed about 30% of the knitting.  I've finished the back and just cast on the left front.  And it really is a pleasant thing to knit, but it's taking me FOREVER.  The pattern for whatever reason - although not terribly complicated - is just detailed enough that I cannot seem to switch into cruise control. 

I also have this "oh-look-something-shiny" reaction to new knitting/sewing/anything creative projects. Kind of like the squirrel in Over the Hedge. (I just checked in Ravelry and there are at least 8 projects that I have started and finished since I cast on this sweater... looking more and more like ADD.)

The other wrinkle in the works for this sweater is my knitting mistake... which is not so terrible that it means the sweater will be the wrong size or shape, but is the type of mistake that is repeated about 1,639 times over.  It turns out that I don't knit eyelets correctly.  I make tiny, twisted eyelets, which don't really look like eyelets at all.  This lovely vertical zigzag pattern that you see running up the back, front and sleeves of the sweater, is created with eyelets.  Ugh.

Artfully placed leaves and acorn
(probably means I think too much
about these blog photos)

But I'm marshaling on.  And I've made the executive decision to not rip out the entire back of the sweater and start over because that would mean that I would have to wait another five years to see this finished instead of the additional two (assuming that I continue knitting this at the same rate).  Who knows maybe I'll be struck by a wave of productiveness and focus and I'll motor through the rest of this.

Hope springs eternal.

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  1. I think your twisted eyelets are fantastic and so are you. Bless you for even attempting the fine-gauge knit. I think the smallest needle I've ever used is a 4 and that was for a stuffed animal miniature...