Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Dress

Months ago I purchased a new dress pattern for the small fry.  It is the School Photo Dress by Oliver + S.  At the same time I bought my first ever Liberty of London print with this pattern in mind.  I cut the pieces out right away and they sat waiting patiently for me to actually start sewing them together.

Patiently waiting...
I had to actually commit to finishing this dress for our girl in time for Thanksgiving to force myself to make time for it.  And it turned out so, so well. All the credit goes to the genius behind the pattern writing at Oliver + S.  I cannot say enough good things about the way the patterns are written and the little pointers that they provide to enable a novice-ish seamstress to create a nicely finished product.

Nearly finished

A few of the dress details are particularly nice. The inset kangaroo pocket in the front is so fun, and although the print hides it, it is a really neat little detail.  It will be perfect for collecting acorns or little toys.  The other thing I love about the dress is this little funnel neck, or stand up collar.  It feels like an adult garment's tailored detail and it adds charm to the whole piece.  (For those thinking about making this, check the pattern out on the link above.  This is one view of the dress, the other option has a ruffled neck and ruched sleeves.)

Pockets for friends, or rocks, or acorns, or...

The fabric is lovely too. I have a personal penchant for navy blue and I am smitten by the little splashes of turquoise, pink, green and red in this print.  It washed and pressed really well and I hope that it will wear well too. All that being said, I think if I were to make this again, I might choose a solid color. There are some nice details in this pattern that are well camouflaged by this busy print.  The yoke is a nice detail.  The sleeves have a bias cut cuff and the pocket without the animals sticking out is almost indiscernible. And they would definitely be more evident in a lighter color or a solid.

I wish I had time to knit up a quick little sweater to go over this, but that might be a bit ambitious in two weeks time.  In the meantime, I'll try to find some red Mary Janes for her to wear and some tights to keep those little legs warm.  And I need to sew in the hook at the zipper and a button on the back of the collar.  Hope your Thanksgiving day plans are coming together too.