Monday, November 5, 2012

Grand Central in Chicago

Those lovely girls I met in New Hampshire this summer, the ones who inspired me to start this blog... met me in Chicago last weekend.  We decided after leaving New Hampshire that we didn't want to wait a whole twelve months before being together again.  So we gathered in the windy city for a long weekend that happened to coincide with a Vogue Knitting event.

And here's what I learned.  Chicago still remains a fantastic city.  It falls a little short as a "retreat" destination when compared to the peace and seclusion of Squam Lake, but it was wonderful in the way that Chicago always is – the "L", State Street bustle, Millennium Park, Lake Michigan and Garrett's popcorn.  But the best part of the trip was truly the people. We had a great time and picked up right where we left off.  (We missed the few of the original crew who couldn't join us...)

While we were there, we decided to do our own little knit along.

We're knitting darling-Natalie Selles' Grand Central cowl.  And most of us are using some amazing Jill Draper yarn.  Fantastic combination of pretty and easy to remember pattern (well written too) with perfectly plied and gorgeously dyed super wash wool.  They were also our Squam connection at the Vogue event, as they were together in a booth at marketplace in all their creative glory.
Grand Central Cowl

Perfect Caramel Color

I finished this gem in less than a week.  And I think you should start one too.  And it's just decided to be chilly fall here in the "Lou"... perfect timing.

Fake smile for the knit picture – cheesy


  1. Hi Faye! Your cowl came up on my friends' activity on Rav and I noticed you'd started a blog! Putting you on my reader :-)

    Love this cowl!

    1. Thanks Gail! So glad you found me... and thanks for the comments on the cowl. It's a fantastic pattern... hope you're doing well.

  2. Oh Frye, the cowl is GORGEOUS!! I adore that caramel color. I had better get going on my blue version. What a beautiful job and I love your cheesy smile :) Miss you!!

  3. It looks amazing!!!! You are a great cowl model!!!! I finished mine a few days ago, just need to block it and post some pics in the leeleetea group on Ravelry. Thanks for all your help on that crazy (but stunning) cast on!!!!!! Hugs!