Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kilkare Socks

In June of 2012, I visited the most wonderful place, full of the most amazing women, beautiful scenery and inspiring classes. It was that event and those experiences that prompted me to start this little blog.  And the yarn for these lovelies was purchased there - at Squam Art Workshops - last summer.  And isn't it fitting that I finished them up the same week I received my confirmation for this summer.  I cannot wait. 

Vanilla socks

As a testament to how good Squam Art Workshops really are, I give you a few pieces of evidence: 9 women who were unfamiliar with each other, were so well matched (by Elizabeth) and compatible that (what I hope will be) a lifelong friendship has been created; we enjoyed each other's company so much that we couldn't wait an entire calendar year to get back together, so we met in Chicago in October, and of the nine of us that met in 2012, seven of us are returning to be room-mates again this coming June.  Is that good, or what?

So it looks like we'll get to experience a new cabin, but I'm betting that the porch will again look something like this. 

Several days accumulation, ahem.

Warm feet and fun times ahead! Is it June yet?


  1. Likely the yield will be double...
    YAY SOCKS!!!

    1. I can't wait to toast on the shore of Squam Lake... Thanks Kate!

  2. i think we need to make a new traditional "knit a long" for each of our gatherings. How fun would that be!!!!?????