Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grand Central 2.0

This is the second iteration of the Grand Central cowl.  The first one, in that lovely caramel color, I wear almost daily.  This one is a gift for a great friend of mine who asked for one when she saw mine.

Mourning Dove gray

I was sad not to get this done for her in time for the holidays, but there will be plenty of drafty weather here in the Midwest through March to make this useful this season.  She picked this lovely gray from Jill Draper's etsy site to go with her off-white wool coat.  (The yarn that I'm using is the Hudson Super Wash Merino Worsted, and I got a lovely little hand written thank you from Jill with the yarn.)

My first encounter with Jill and Natalie Selles (of leeleetea) was at Squam, and then again in Chicago this fall.  Natalie is the designer of the Grand Central cowl.  My group of girlfriends and I were so thrilled to find a little lifeline to heavenly Squam in the windy city.  We descended on their booth a couple times and bought enough of Jill and Natalie's patterns/yarn that there was later swapping of skeins and ideas at our apartment afterward. We can only hope that they'll be back in NH with us in June.

And I'm sure that this cowl will be lovely again, and I hope that its recipient gets as much use from it as I have from mine.

Now back to the actual knitting. Hopefully some finished photos soon.

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