Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Snowy Valentine's Day

Foreground and background entertainment
We are blissfully "snowed in" here.  Not the legitimate kind, where it's impossible to go out, but the kind that is self imposed.  We did go a short distance to celebrate a friends birthday for a couple hours, but have returned and quickly picked up where we left off.

Sought after "glowing screen" time
Watching the snow fall
It's been a hectic week, and this weekend has been great.  We've done just enough socializing, only the mandatory weekend prepping for the week ahead, and just hung out in between.  These girls, at this moment in time are interested in learning to tie shoes,  eating chocolates that were gifted to them, playing with legos and reading books...  it's hard to believe how the time is going.  It's so cliched – but I ran into someone with the Peanut who said "weren't you just pregnant?".  Only about 3 years ago...  But then again, wasn't I just a college student?  I guess not.  I wouldn't change a thing. It's nice to have a few days to soak in a little of these girls while they still think we are okay to hang out with.

It's hard to be still
In between reading "Wild Boars"* and building lego masterpieces, I did manage to finish a long-in-the-making sweater for the peanut.  The details are all on ravelry here.  But I will share and say that this yarn was delightful, light and smooshy.  And the pattern is one I had made before... in a much smaller size.  And our girl wouldn't take if off after our "photo shoot" so I guess that means she likes it.  (Either that, or I need to turn the thermostat up.) 
Progress, months ago.
July impulse buy

Have a Happy Valentine's Day, and enjoy those you love.  We'll be here enjoying this dusting of snow and rummaging around the stash to find something new to cast on.

* If you know a little book enthusiast who is strangely drawn to things that are borderline gross, do check out Meet Wild Boars.  For whatever reason, the girls love it.

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