Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby shorts

Cute pants on cute "Jack and Jill" chair.

How about these for a cozy baby bum?  I was so enamoured of the photo of Baby Shorts in the Debbie Bliss book, that I thought I would cast these on.  (I have a strict personal rule about wearing anything knit over my own backside, but I think that people in diapers are able to carry it off.)

I knit these out of some leftover Louet Gems that I had purchased a few years ago from a sale bin.  I was able to get an aran sweater out of it, and now these... I don't remember what I paid for the yarn, but it's netted a couple really nice little finished projects.

These knit up really quickly, and cleverly use short rows for extra length in the back of the pants... to accommodate the diapered bottom.  The finishing was really simple, as there was only the seam down the center front and back and the short inseam between the legs. The legs are finished nicely with a picot edge.  If you haven't knit a picot edge before, I'd recommend trying it.  It's really very simple and the results are very satisfying and make a really nicely finished edge.

Picot edge.

I wanted to mention this little chair too.  Isn't it darling.  I picked it up in the best little antique store... more a boutique than a typical antique store.  They have a knack for selecting and artfully arranging really fun and eclectic pieces.  It's called Roots in Maplewood.  If you are ever in St. Louis, you should check it out!

I hope that you and yours are keeping warm in your respective regions.

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  1. Oh, that color is beautiful! And I agree wholeheartedly about no knits on the backside! Ha!