Thursday, January 1, 2015

A tale of three drop stitch cowls

This fall I was inspired by a friend to make some bulky knit cowls as gifts.  And what a great idea it was.  I'm generally not a fan of bulky or super bulky yarn, so I didn't have any on hand.  But the promise of being able to finish a piece so quickly and yield something so cute was all the convincing I needed.
Bright Red Dropped Stitches

I used the Drop Stitch Cowl pattern by Abi Gregorio. It was really a fast pattern to learn, it's really a fairly simple pattern repeat and can be used on any even number of stitches.  I highly recommend it, if it appeals at all.

Probably the best color representation

I ended up knitting three of these.  Two as gifts and one for myself (no judgement… in fairness my office at work is a virtual ice box.)  The two gifted cowls were knit out of Zumie by Skacel.  And they are really soft and will hopefully be comfortable to wear next to your neck and face.  The red one I plan to keep and although it's not as soft, I'm loving it.  It is knit out of Cascade Magnum.  It's a big fat singly ply and so far I'm impressed that it's not leaving bits of itself all over the place.

So 2014 handmade efforts were extended a bit this holiday season with a nice little pattern that knit up in a few hours.  Hope your holidays are warm and cozy.

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