Sunday, January 25, 2015

Purple Crested Chatterbox

There are some "birds" around these parts that are always making noise… playing, talking, spinning tales and giving direction.  It's the best, these little opinions… stories made up… the first year of advice for her sister… retold experiences from school.  I will be very, very melancholy when she doesn't have so much to share with us…


Until then, we'll listen and encourage.  Knit hats in favorite colors and do what we can to make sure that these two girls are good to each other.


The hat is knit from Acadia.  The pattern is Rubens, written by Gudrun Johnson.  I knit this in transit back from New Hampshire last June, when a storm created a bottleneck in air traffic and I spent an entertaining afternoon and evening watching the people of Baltimore mill around their home airport.
Lovely Marled Purple

Knitting details are recorded here on Ravelry.  I highly recommend the yarn and the pattern and it's designer… XO Faye

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