Sunday, January 4, 2015

Little Doe and her Fox Friend

How lovely is everything in Alicia Paulson's world?  Her online presence is so well managed, her home looks like the perfect place to curl up and read a book in, her daughter is darling and her designs… irresistible for this mother of two little girls.

A finished pair of friends

In late summer I purchased two softie kits from the Posie Gets Cosy website.  The first was Miss Dandelion Doe and the second was Mr. Basil Fox. I was just completely drawn in by these charming little faces and leggy bodies and also loved the idea of little animal dolls for the girls that were not mass produced.
Frannie the Fox

I won't lie, they took some time to assemble, but the kit was great.  It had nearly everything you would need, and the few things it doesn't include are identified clearly and are easy enough to find.  I started assembly really, really early… in August?  And felt foolish for kicking the project off so far in advance for Christmas.  Because as it always happens, life gets in the way of these creative projects.  Weekends fill up with commitments, evenings get darker and my eyelids wave the white flag of surrender.  And so, here it is December and I'm just wrapping things up.  I think it is almost better that I started earlier so that I could enjoy the hand sewing and knitting and not feel rushed.

The girls love these little friends as much as I enjoyed making them.  Our oldest is fiercely independent at the moment. She wants to dress herself, has no hesitation about be apart from us (at school, or dance class, or with her favorite sitters) and has ideas about everything. She's not particularly taken with dolls, but is with animals.  She loves Miss Dandelion and immediately declared her a kangaroo.  Her name is now Kanga.  (No argument here… her profile is a little kargaroo-ish..)


And the littlest.  She will probably love Mr. Basil.  She's a clown and affectionate and the wild baby of Borneo lately.  She's taken to walking on her own, just this month. (Her poor sister's world is about to get altered again, I'm afraid.)  I see that it won't be long before she's running.  You can see in her face how badly she wants to keep up with everything that her sister is doing. She loves soft things, loves dolls and fuzzy stuffed animals.  I just hope in a flash of that wild-babyness that she doesn't rip off one of his little arms (she's also surprisingly strong).

I really enjoyed making these and have ideas for more clothes for these two little critters now that they've been made. We'll see how much time permits in the post-holiday winter.  I may be busy playing doll house or tag or hide and seek and not have time to finish additional softie knitwear.

Just hanging out.

Stay warm.  F-

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