Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring and a Tiny Sweater

Raglan tiny-ness

This sweater reminds me of crocus.  I'm sure that it's the season that we are in, the sun has been shining. The girls and I took our 2015 inaugural bike rides together yesterday and I'm anxiously awaiting the spring flowers in this yard that is new to me.  I think we've got some daffodils and hyacinth… no crocus or tulips yet.

About this little sweater; I'm pretty picky about variegated yarn, but I love this color combination.  The greens and pinks and lavenders all play so well against the bit of navy blue that anchor this color palette.  I picked this sweater pattern for a couple of reasons.  I really enjoy knitting baby garments out of sock yarn.  I'm wild about the lightweight fabric that it creates and I love how sturdy and less likely to snag it is with tight stitches.  I also love working top down and raglan construction.  Details about the pattern and the yarn are here on Ravelry.

One pink button band awaiting...

I have only the button band to knit and then it will be off to my new little friend.  (And I purchased a funny little denim mini-skirt with a ruffled back side to go along. So cute.) I hope it keeps her cosy in these cool spring days.

It's been busy around here.  Getting settled in the new house, and attempting to tackle the projects that come with getting settled.  But there has been plenty of making going on and I'm hoping to get back to this space and record a few of the projects that I've had/am having so much fun working on.

More soon.

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